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Google Ads PPC Case Study

Client Request

The team from nutzzelectronics.co.uk reached out to us, needing a digital marketing campaign to drive more repair enquiries & quotes on their website.

Our Solution

Once we understood what the business offers and who the customers are, we have decided that Google Search Ads will be their top advertising channel. We made this decision after researching relevant search terms and discovering that there are a large number of people looking for repair services on Google, that nutzzelectronics.co.uk can provide. We then created and managed 3 different Google Ads campaigns targeting different repair types.


The results were almost instant, very quickly the campaigns started to generate quotes on the website. With the extra data, we had on the search terms, we were able to optimise the campaigns further, for better results. We have achieved, £1.62 cost per website lead/repair quote request. Please see the screenshot for more details.

Results for a 30 days period


Cost Per Conversion (Quote request)


Conversion Rate


Total repair enquiries In 30 Days


Total Spend In 30 Days


Google Search Ads works extremely well for services or products that people turn to google to find. By bidding on very specific and relevant keywords, we are able to target customers with very high intent. You want to place your business in front of customers that are searching for your services or products. To make the most of every click, it is equally important to have a highly optimised website. In this case, we also redesigned and rebuild the website which was optimised for conversions, this combined with a highly targeted Google Ads campaign we were able to achieve amazing results.